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CREO (Pro-E) 102 Part, Assembly, Flexible Modeling, 2D drawings, GD&T, Free style, Layer Management, Simplified Rep., Sheet Metal, UDF, Family Table, BOM & Exploded Views
  • PTC University Global Certificate for CREO (Pro-E)
  • AUTODESK Global Certificate for AutoCAD, INVENTOR & MOLDFLOW
  • SIEMENS Global Certificate for NX
  • 1 Year CREO Software License Free for CREO Course
  • World Class Curriculum
  • Full Coverage of Syllabus
  • Automotive Product based Training
  • Qualified and Certified Instructors
  • Best Practise Methodology
  • Training on Automotive Modules on FREE
  • GD&T training on FREE
NX-UG 120 Sketcher, Part, Editing, Fusion, Curves, Assembly, Arrays, Motion, Clearance, Drafting, Dimensions, Notes, Labels, 2D Drawings, GD&T, Notes, Symbols
CATIA 120 Geometry, Constrains, Multi Section, Boolean, Shell, Transformation, Reorder, Assembly, Bottom up & down, Wireframe, Surface, Extract, Drawing, Annotations, Dress up, Layers Setting
AUTOCAD 60 Introductions, Concept, Layer Management, Design, Managing Libraries, Annotations, Assembly, Layer, Structure
INVENTOR 80 2D &3D Sketching, Splines, Advanced Lofts, Sweeps, Coil, 3D Design, 3D Grips, Model Analysis, iLogic, User Key, Extrude, Sculpting, Flexing of Model, Surface Modeling, Copy, iPart, File Management, Drawing Tools, Style Library Manager, Hole, Revision table, Library Manager
MOLDFLOW 60 Plastic Part Design Verification, Modeling in Moldflow, Mesh Creation, Mesh Quality, Repair tool, Design of Feed System, Cooling system design, mid plane, fusion, Solid method. Analysis of Part Fill, Cool, Pack, Warpage, Shrinkage, Report Making, Suggestion/Improvement.
ANSYS 80 Solid Part Modeling, Finite Element Model, Importing models, Entities, Type of Meshing, Quad, Tetra, Line meshing, Volumes, Free Meshing, Mesh Quality Check, Modal, Static, Harmonic, Spectrum, Non Linear, Transient, Steady State, Engineering Data, Simulation, , Report Preparation, Design Recommendation's

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