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REVERSE ENGINEERING TECHNIQUE 180 Measurement Techniques, Type of Measurement, Type of Measuring Equipment's, CMM measurement, 3D Printing, Laser Scanning, White Light Scanning, Point Cloud data, Curve Creation in Cloud Data, Surface Creation, Solid Parametric Model Creation, Deviation Analysis, Report Creation and Manufacturing Drawing Creation.
  • Bench Marking
  • Evaluation Methodology
  • Learning Product to Design
  • Different Measuring Technique
GD&T and TOLERANCE STACKING 40 GD&T and its Rules, Types of Symbols, Function and Relation, Control Frame, Datum Features, Application and Work out drawings
  • Dimensional Management
  • Ensuring Product Meet the Requirements
  • Faster Release the Drawing to Production
DFMEA/PFMEA 40 Introduction to FMEA, FMEA Advantages & Requirements, Methodology /Arrive Potential Failure, Effects, Causes, RPN, Verification/Validation, Control Plan, Process Flow, Recommendations, Action Plan Tracker
  • Prediction of Design and Process
  • Product Meet the Requirements
  • Ensuring Product Quality at Early Stage
DFM/DFA (Design for Manufacturing/Design for Assembly) 100 Introduction, Application, Design Process, Selection of Process, Selection of Material, Road Map, Guidelines, Methodology, Assembly Methodology, Serviceable, DFM/A for Plastics-Sheet Metal- Die Casting-Fool Proof
  • Error Free Product and Tooling
  • Development/Assembly Time & Cost Reductions
ENGINEERING DESIGN and PACKAGING (Mechatronics) 100 Transformation from Concept Design to Engineering Design, Feature Based Design, A Side and B Side Development, Attachment Features, Structural Stability, DFM/DFA Study, Tooling Requirement, Assembly Requirement, Functional, Serviceability, Routing, Assembly Component Placement, Basic Analysis, Reporting, Engineering Drawing Creation
  • Different Domain – Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics
  • Different Material – Plastics, Sheet Metal, Casting
  • Different Manufacturing Process
PROTO TYPING 48 Type of Proto Typing, Application, Material, Machine, Process, Comparison between Types, SLA, SLS, FDM, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting/Rapid Prototyping, Pre Production, Surface Finish, Painting/Screen Printing
  • Selection of Proto Type Process
  • Design Validation Through Physical Sample

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